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In this week’s Global Canaries newsletter we are delighted to speak to Brazilian Canary, Lucas Jorge, who runs a Norwich City blog from his home in Rio De Janeiro. Lucas keeps our fans in South America up to date with all things Norwich City, and is a prominent member of the Yellow Army on twitter.

We caught up with our enthusiastic young supporter to find out a bit about why he has chosen to support the Canaries from all the way over in Brazil!

Global Canaries: Why have you chosen to support Norwich City Football Club?

Lucas: It all started in the 2004-05 season when Norwich City FC played against Manchester United at Carrow Road and won 2-0. From this game I was passionate about Norwich, for the way they play on the field and especially for having a great support from its fans.
In 2009 I started the twitter account (@norwichcityfcbr) to interact with fans in Brazil and show that Norwich is a fantastic team! I currently have a blog called: The intent of this blog is to show the passion of the fans and help Norwich fans in South America in supporting the team.

GC: How do you keep up to date with Norwich City matches and news in Brazil?

Lucas: I keep myself updated through the club's official website and the online versions of Norwich newspapers. I have to be up to date with Norwich City news so I can update my blog and help inform the Brazilian public.

GC: How many South American Canaries are there, and do you ever meet up with other Norwich City fans?

Lucas: Unfortunately I haven’t met any in person, but I've interacted with many Norwich fans around the world, like Mexico and India. However, the Norwich fans who still have a continuous contact are two Argentines who participated in my blog, South American Canaries.

GC: Who is your favourite Norwich City player and why?
Lucas: Grant Holt. Holt was and is fantastic for Norwich. Since he arrived at the club he has contributed a lot with his crucial goals. Holt has given us great moments of intense joy. This year, I almost did a petition to get him to stay at Norwich! It gives me great happiness that he has remained and filled us with joy. And finally, I think he should have gone to Euro 2012, Holt is decisive, and a real attacker from English blood!

GC: What was your favourite moment from last season and why?
SAC: My favourite moment was when the Norwich won 2-1 against Tottenham at White Hart Lane. This victory showed the other clubs in the Premier League we can beat anyone and do not fear anybody. After all, ‘We are Norwich and never mind the danger.’

GC: What do you think of new Norwich City manager Chris Hughton?

SAC: I think signing Chris Hughton is very promising for Norwich. Obviously, I must say I was saddened by the departure of Paul Lambert, I have a great admiration for him, but Hughton has everything, and fans will give the necessary support to him.

GC: Have you ever been to Carrow Road?
SAC: I have never been to Carrow Road, in fact, I have never left Brazil. I am only 17 but it really is a dream of mine to support Norwich City along with the Yellow Army in Carrow Road. I plan to finish college while working and travel to the city of Norwich and see Carrow Road. I am working hard so that one day this dream becomes a reality.

GC: How do you think Norwich City will do in the 2012-13 Barclays Premier League season?
SAC: I think Norwich will be very attacking next season. I am a very optimistic fan, always trust a lot in my club. And as Norwich is a club that is also moved by the passion of its fans, I think Norwich will have a good season.
GC: How much would you like to see a Brazilian player play for Norwich City?

SAC: Yes, it would be fantastic, they would represent Norwich City well. The Brazilian players have speed, skill, strength, and endurance. Teams such as Santos and Flamengo are very famous for revealing stars, like Zico. I think the club would gain much from a Brazilian player, but if I were Hughton I would sign a young player with a good future who can develop and become a good player for Norwich City.

GC: Can you recommend any footballers currently playing in Brazil that Chris Hughton should sign?
SAC: There are young players for Flamengo and Santos who could be available for a loan, however, for an immediate signing, I would recommend Thiago Ribeiro or Dagoberto.

GC: The World Cup is in Brazil in 2014 – do you think you’ll be seeing any Norwich City players in action in that tournament?  And if so, who?

SAC: Yes, I think John Ruddy and Jonny Howson are two players who we will see in the 2014 World Cup. Ruddy is an excellent goalkeeper and has improved a lot and Howson is young and very skilled.

GC: We have a huge Yellow Army following around the world on Twitter – is it a good way to keep up with Norwich City news?

SAC: Yes, Twitter is a great tool for interaction between fans and the news of the club. My work involving Norwich in Brazil owes much to twitter, and I think I was the first Norwich fan in Brazil to set up an account. I give my heartfelt thanks to all the Norwich fans worldwide who follow me. If it were not for them, Norwich in Brazil would not be. So thank you Yellow Army. We are massive, WE ARE GLOBAL.

GC: Finally, if there are any other South American Canaries reading this, how do they get in touch with you?

SAC: Simple, first they can contact me by sending an email to can also contact me by sending me a tweet, my Twitter account is @ NorwichCityFCBR (Lucas Jorge) and finally the blog,, by commenting on posts among others.

A huge thank you to Lucas Jorge of South American Canaries for speaking to us and for his loyal support from Rio De Janerio.

We will be conducting further Q&A’s with our supporter groups from around the world in the coming weeks. If you want to find your nearest supporter group, become a member of a group or even launch your very own to cover another corner of the world then see our supporters’ page on!